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September 22nd     12:02 pm

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September 22nd     11:51 am

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September 22nd     11:50 am

September 22nd     11:50 am

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September 22nd     11:49 am

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September 22nd     11:46 am

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September 22nd     11:46 am

September 21st     10:40 pm

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September 20th     11:59 pm

I am that friend that says proudly, “wow your ass looks great in those jeans” or comment on their stuff on how much a babe they look like in their new selfie

September 17th     12:17 pm

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September 17th     11:32 am

September 17th     11:16 am

Future boyfriend: please have a bubble butt so I can annoy you by slapping it at all times