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October 3rd     6:57 pm

I GOT A JOB. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

September 27th     9:15 pm

September 27th     1:38 am

Everytime I think I hit rock bottom I get proven wrong

September 26th     3:12 pm

That’s it I’m going to win the lottery, buy all the banned books, and give them away for free outside schools

September 26th     3:10 pm

What is this bullshit with banning certain books in schools? I saw the list and I grew up reading all of them.

September 25th     7:38 pm

September 25th     10:29 am

September 25th     10:27 am

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September 23rd     4:01 pm

This time it was different, there was compassion in your eyes, love in your heart. That scared me beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.

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Throwback to when I wrote this five years ago

September 22nd     12:02 pm

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September 22nd     11:51 am

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September 22nd     11:50 am